Monday, February 28, 2011

RSS feed for gmail ...

I like this feature, where gmail is now accessible over rss feed.

try this in firefox ( is rss feed support there in chrome by now? )

Though this feature is nice , i wonder if there are any uses of this feature in-spite of PoP3 or SMTP clients


Murali said...

Well, the first thing I DIDN'T like about this feature, was the password in the URL in plain text!!

Then I thought, where will u enter this URL? Not in a browser, I'd think...Mostly in an aggregator..which is again controlled by u......

Well, it's still a password in plain text and I'm kinda uncomfy with that!

Shantanu said...

Totally agree on security @ stake.

Not worth it for passwords.

However, in some cases say where one creates(filters & labels) in gmail, which are purposefully made to skip inbox.
Eg: groupon updates, facebook updates etc....
These labels can be auto-forwarded as a rule to this highly vulnerable emailID and then source it through RSS feed.

In this era of smartphones & 3g we can be connected both on email & rss feed @ the same time.

Advantage with RSS feed is that its less intrusive than Email. In my case somehow Emails consume higher attention spans.

My order of priority Call, Email,SMS(as lot of spams), Chat and then RSS feed. The more i push to the last segment, the better it gets for me.