Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting customized mobile updates from twitter and other RSS services

This post marks the 4th year of this blog.
Hope is to actively engage in writing this blog.

Presented below is an orchestrate of seemingly disparate technologies to enable your favorite updates on your cellphone.
Note: Your cellphone need not have Wifi or GPRS options. This works on basic SMS incoming facility.

Now some of my favorite online items which i need to keep track are:
1) Twitter updates from selected friends.
2) Posts from selected blogs which i want to keep myself updated.
3) Instant updates from Google alerts.

Here is one way we can have all the elements integrated:

1) Collect RSS feeds of all the items listed above.
2) Using yahoo pipes you can do the following:
2a) Using Fetch Feed , aggregate all the feeds.
2b) Use a sort by published date to get the feeds in order. Click here for a preview
2c) This service gives out a common aggregated RSS feed for the selected set.
2d) Also one can use alternatives like RSSmix to achieve a common RSS feed.
3) To get the updates on the cellphone, use Google SMS Channel . By configuring our cellphone for the alerts in Google SMS Channel , we can get the desired updates on our cellphone.