Friday, April 11, 2008

Punishment for 3 days.

For 3 days I was not able to access my system with my ID.

I kinda circumvented the problem by allowing remote root ssh to my machine(which is criminal).

The problem was this:
root@shantanu>ssh sg202516@shantanu
Last login: Fri Apr 11 17:19:51 2008 from shantanu
NO LOGINS: System going down in 30 seconds
Connection to shantanu closed.

Untill today I was ok with it, but I could not access my screen sessions remotely.

So finally decided to debug it.

The issue was the presence of a file called /etc/nologin

root@shantanu>cat /etc/nologin
NO LOGINS: System going down in 30 seconds

Removing the file solves the crap.

With a feeling of achievement I told my neighbor about this.

The reply came back "Check the date of the creation of the file. It should be Apr 8th. You had not locked the system!!!"

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