Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ways to manage RSS feeds

RSS feeds aim to manage the information load.

I for example blog at these places :

a) --- my Personal blog
b) --- were a group of like minded tech enthusiasts post about topics of their interest.

Ideally I would like my friends to have be updated with my thoughts on either blogs. Currently they have to refer to the individual rss feeds separately.

To ease matters, I have used Yahoo Pipes to create a combined RSS feed for the consumers as a single combined RSS feed.

Click here for the new combined RSS link

Now this essentially is simple.

We can develop on this use case extensively.

a) Now in the tech blog: there are many other authors. With the above URL , the consumers will also get the updates from these other authors. There needs to be filtering mechanism based on Author.

Adding more complexity,
b) Suppose you like all my articles about the puzzles and are not interested in any other topics. This is where the whole thing gets tricky. Using filtering its possible, but I have to explore the capabilities of customizing to individual consumers.

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Srinivas said...

This is neat! Will try it out! Thanks :)