Sunday, August 12, 2007

Configuring SSO

After analyzing JOSSO and CAS as candidates for SSO , the JOSSO implementation seems very promising.
What is SSO ?


1) Just works. Can easily embed my application to the SSO framework.
2) Out-of-the box seem less integration with custom made tomcat. Inbuilt SSL configurations.
3) To-Do steps
i) Download Josso tomcat
ii) Refer to
iii)\conf\jaas.conf (Spent a romantic night for this. Had to write it )
iv) For getting the login data from the DB refer to this

1) Pathetic Docs
2) In-active community.

I could not get CAS working on my system. I know it works, but somehow the jigsaw is not complete. The community is very active and vibrant.Updated wiki . Let me know if anyone gets it working.

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