Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PHP sucks big time

I was trying to integrate Apache--PHP--mysql for a HR project at janagraha.

The problem is that the php documentation is very old...or I should say it works for lower versions of php and apache.

So here is a small TO-DO on how to go about integrating
1) Download Apache here. Apply your user friendly GUI knowledge of windows and get it installed.
2)Download php here.
3)Unzip in d:\php5.
4)Rename php.ini-recommended to php.ini
5)Add these lines to the top of httpd.conf
# PHP 5 Support
LoadModule php5_module "d:/php5/php5apache2_2_filter.dll"
LoadFile "d:/php5/php5ts.dll"
AddOutputFilter PHP php
PHPIniDir "d:/php5"

***Please note the locations used.
6) Finally process is over. Create a test.php.
Having say

copy to htdocs folder of apache.

7)RESTART APACHE. (hopefully no errors).
Run http://localhost/test.php

Worth a try though

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cdman83 said...

Or you could just download XAMPP (http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html) and have Apache, PHP & MySQL with zero configuration (you can even download additional packages to get Perl and/ir Tomcat)